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Before now, you could easily drive a lot of engagement just by using infographics. However, given the popularity of these graphic design staples at the moment, getting the attention you need will require something extra.

Read on to discover top tips for driving infographic engagement and staying ahead of the curve.

Make your Headlines Catchy

Creating catchy headlines should be something every marketer understands. Why is this important, you ask?

The first thing all eyes notice on your infographic design is your headline. Dull headlines turn readers off any content and dampen audience engagement. You will end up with fewer thumbs up, comments, or engagements.

This is why you need to pull out all the stops to create eye-catching headlines. You can boost this even more by positioning your headlines on images that catch the eyes of your readers. This draws the reader to continue reading the content.

Make sure your headlines are always short and to the point. Don’t forget to use subheadings or sub-headlines. The latter can be longer as they generally give more information on the topic discussed within the content.

A combination of engaging and grabbing headlines, visual elements, and backgrounds are fun. This makes any reader want to consume your content, thereby driving audience engagement.

Always Remain Topically Relevant 

When using infographics to drive audience engagement, you need to be as relevant as possible.

Ensure that every visual component used in your post is highly relevant to the topic at hand. The components in the post must also remain relevant to each other, maintaining the flow of the overall design.

Make sure the content you create makes sense from the beginning to the end. This is the type of visual design that proves effective in driving audience engagement.

Always Establish Credibility 

One of the vital parts of your content marketing strategy involves establishing credibility. This makes your target audience trust you even more, significantly contributing to infographic engagement.

When you add a list of references at the end of the infographic, it boosts your content’s credibility. This means that your readers will know the exact origin of the data represented in your infographic. That’s the type of content that can radically drive engagement at the highest rate.

Convert your infographics to videos

Video is arguably the most effective content marketing strategy in use across social platforms. Research shows that up to 51 percent of marketing specialists state that video has the best or the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing content.

Infographic design is all about the use of visuals. This is why you should consider converting infographics to short, animated videos. You can achieve this effortlessly, simply by repurposing your visual assets.

You can find many modern video tools for converting infographics to animated video content, or utilize a third party service to do this for you professionally. Animating the visual elements in your infographic design will bring it to life almost instantly.

You can make it more unique by adding voiceover audio and closed captions, This, will guide viewers seamlessly through the entire video and make your content more accessible, which is often overlooked.

Once you are done, share these short-animated videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Converting your infographic design to videos is a perfect way to repurpose content. It is also an excellent way you can drive infographic engagement to the maximum.

Use some of the elements in your infographics as part of webinars

Your presentations, webinars, etc., will always rely on the heavy use of visuals. Instead of creating PowerPoint slideshows from scratch, consider breaking down an existing infographic.

Break your infographic design into segments, thereby making them great individual slides. Next, add more context or additional details, and your presentation will be a hit!

Only a handful of marketers are using this trick for driving infographic engagement on their webinars. So, you are still early to the party, especially if you want to boost audience engagement for a long time.


So, there you have it: the top tips for driving infographic engagement. Now you know the importance of infographic design, you can use it to boost audience engagement in your business. Get implementing these tips in your strategy and take your infographic game to a whole new level. Your brand will definitely thank you for it.