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Are you sitting on a goldmine of brilliant content? Do you feel that it’s not being seen by the right people, in the right numbers?

Content, whether written, visual, or otherwise, can be a powerful tool when harnessed and utilized effectively. Engaging content can put your brand, products, and services on the map, helping you to compete with others within your industry. But, what if you’re content isn’t being seen?

Cue LinkMill’s PR Creation and Distribution packages.

Our team of SEO experts use their knowledge, skills, and experience to share your content with key industry voices, platforms, and publications. Creating genuine, authentic outreach and getting your content, products, and services noticed by the right people, with the power to amplify your brand’s voice and presence.

LinkMill is home to our teams of Copywriters, Content creators, Graphic Designers, SEO Specialists, and Marketing Moguls, all under one roof. We work as a team to ensure that you’ve got the right content, of the right quality and this content reaches all the right people.

With our PR Creation and Distribution packages, we create powerful press releases and distribute these amongst key voices, figures, and organizations, within your chosen industry(s). Our flexible services put you in control, enabling you to pick the package that suits you best. Whether you need assistance in writing your PR content or simply getting it seen, we’ve got you covered. Trust in our expert teams of copywriters, designers, PR professionals, and SEO superstars to get the job done, quickly and efficiently.


Select your package and upload the content you want to share, using your LinkMill Account. This service supports all content from pictures and infographics to videos, press releases, and even event launches.

Pick your Audience

Our clients are all unique, so we’ve made our audience options as varied as possible. Ensuring each campaign meets the requirements and reaches the right audiences.

Guarantee your content reaches the right people with total control over audience categories, selecting the most relevant and important to your brand/products/services.

Want to reach more? Add bolt-ons to boost your outreach to more categories.

Customise your Order

Our packages are ready to go, with the tools and services you’ll need to achieve your goals. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t access extra features outside of your package. Our flexible add-ons allow you to boost your package in the ways you need it most. Whatever you need from copywriters to graphic designers; we have it here at LinkMill.


Once our team has reviewed your order and your content is ready, we start our outreach. Using our network of connections to distribute your content within your chosen audience categories.

Order Summary

View the progress and results of your order from your LinkMill Account. Here you can monitor your campaign, track its progress, and analyse the success of the activities.

Increased Traffic

Digital platforms and sources sharing your content, responding to your content, and discussing your brand will likely create links back to the original content or product pages on your website. This is effectively increasing traffic, direct to your website, from active members of your target audience. A big win if you ask us.

Brand Awareness

Featuring your content/products/services in leading publications, channels, and digital platforms mean your brand is automatically being seen by a wider audience than before. Factor in targeted audiences and your brand and its capabilities are being seen by a wider audience of potential customers. The more exposure your brand achieves throughout its lifetime the more brand awareness it will generate, making your brand into a household name.

Developing your Authority

Link Building or SEO practices share a common goal; boosting authority. PR distribution is no different. If large, highly respected and trusted sources, such as news outlets or digital publications affiliate themselves with your brand, that is quality validation that will boost your authority as a voice in that industry.