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When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth. 

Within a digital landscape, even the most traditional methods come with a modern spin. None more so than Blogger Outreach, combining the timeless power of word of mouth with extra oomph.

Authority online is priceless, forging much of the SEO practices upheld by companies globally. At LinkMill, we understand just how priceless this authority is. This is why our Blogger Outreach services were created with authority at their core.

Our Blogger Outreach service is a brilliant way to benefit from the authority of key voices within your niche, while simultaneously building your own.

So, what is Blogger Outreach?

In short, it is very similar to Guest Posting, with its own unique differences.

With Blogger Outreach, there are two main goals; quality links & valuable audience exposure. These are achieved by identifying the most authoritative and influential voices within your niche and approaching them with high-quality content. Similarly as with Guest Posting, featuring your content on these sites as a guest author provides you with an opportunity to share your expertise with a concentrated pocket of your target audience. Endorsement from these sources will verify and support your knowledge, boosting your authority within your market. Successful Blogger Outreach not only provides your brand with exposure amongst trusted sources but creates links to organic content hosted on your brand website.

Why Blogger Outreach?

Integrity and authenticity are qualities we are drawn to as humans. Translated into business; audiences are more inclined to believe a statement or claim when coming from a source they trust. Identifying these trusted sources give brands an opportunity to promote their services/products on an authoritative and trusted platform. Blogger Outreach allows brands to promote their expertise, sharing rich, informative content with key members of their audience, via a trusted middle man.

Blogger Outreach, when done properly is one of the simplest ways to increase, authority, traffic, and brand awareness in one process.

Set The Brief

Using your LinkMill account, submit your brief to our team. This allows you to request key elements such as anchor text, content length, type, etc. Once we have received and reviewed your brief, we will establish the best opportunities using the information within your brief.

Content Creation

Your order is then assigned to members of our copywriting team. Your assigned team then works on composing rich, high-quality content that meets the needs and objectives of your brief. This content is composed to appeal to both audiences, as well as generate natural links to your brand website.


 Using your LinkMill account, you can track the progress of your listings. These can be viewed directly as they are listed or as condensed samples of the look and feel of each listing. 


Each listing is guaranteed by our directory of trusted and approved sources. This means, we only list amongst genuine, authentic sources that will reflect this within your listing and the results of this.

Authority Guaranteed

The quality of our directory ensures the domain authority of all the listings we create. At LinkMill we only work with quality, authoritative sites, and platforms, ensuring the same authority in the links we create.

Unique Listings

We never duplicate your listings on any domain, with no exceptions.
This means that with LinkMill you are guaranteed a unique and effective listing.

Natural Links

We don’t like spam and neither should you.
All our links are 100% natural, integrated within the body of your content. So no more links tucked away in author sections, easily visible and effective, every time.