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Your website or e-commerce platforms act as a virtual showroom for your products/services, meaning product copy is the sales team greeting your customers.

 Often overlooked as a minor element of web presence, product copy serves a multitude of uses, from web optimization to brand personality; as well as the obvious aid to sales.

 It’s a fact that when buying online, people shop around for as much information as they can, before committing to a sale. Strong, informative product descriptions can help them stay local to your page for the answers they might need.

 Well written, valuable product descriptions also serve a purpose for SEO on a wider scale. Rich, product copy related to your industry and niche will help boost individual web pages and the brand itself amongst SERP positioning.

 At LinkMill our knowledge and expertise in SEO make us the perfect choice for custom, bespoke SEO components; guaranteed to produce results. Our in-house teams produce compelling, concise product descriptions; complete with keyword-rich meta descriptions and product titles, all curated with SEO performance in mind.



Use your LinkMill account to submit your brief to our team of creatives. Once reviewed your brief will be assigned to one of our brilliant copywriters to be made into the ultimate SEO tool.

Putting Pen to Paper

Our copywriters will translate your brief into rich copy, composed in HTML format. Perfect for quick and easy uploads directly to your website. As well as informative and effective copy, your package will contain dynamic, captivating product titles and keyword meta descriptions. Tailored to ensure your products stand out in SERP rankings.


Once finished, you’ll find your completed order live in your LinkMill account. Here you can download and export your content, in optimized formats ready for use online.

Optimised Content

Formatted and optimized for use in E-commerce platforms, our copywriters make sure it will not only aid SEO but look brilliant doing so.

Boosted Keyword Search

SEO rich content, product titles, and meta-descriptions give your products and services a welcome boost amongst SERP rankings.

Converted Sales

Position well amongst SERP and boost traffic to your platform. Informative product copy will answer your customer’s questions, preventing them from straying offsite for extra information.