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Having an engaging infographic is only half the battle, having it seen by the right people in your audience will show you the true value of brilliant design. But how do you get this seen? Infographic promotion and distribution, right here at LinkMill.

What does Infographic Promotion and Distribution do?

In short, it builds links between your visual content and third-party sources. As a Link Building tool, it should be no surprise that proper distribution goes hand in hand with the concept of creating an effective infographic. After all, Link Building is the goal of getting your content seen in the right places and infographics are simply another form of content.

Visual content can often signal a brand that cares about its content, putting in the effort to create high-quality content across multiple formats. This helps your brand gain validity amongst authoritative voices within your industry, enhancing the quality of your website and the content within it.

Infographics also open up possibilities in untapped channels such as visual social platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn, where content is frequently shared between sources. The visual benefits of infographics make content more attractive to users on this platform as it captures people’s attention for the right amount of time, allowing all the information to be digested without word-heavy content.

Testing the Waters

Our team will use our network of sources, publications, influencers, and bloggers to find the perfect placements within your niche/industry. Identifying these opportunities based on relevance, quality, and the other factors that will influence a successful, high-quality link.


Included within our promotion and distribution packages our copywriters work alongside our designers to translate their research into accompanying copy. This is supporting content used alongside your infographic within each placement, giving your visual content context within the wider placement be this a blog, article or other mention.

Order Summary

As a LinkMill client, you will have a unique account that allows you to track the progress of each of your orders. Your unique order summary will enable you to view each of these placements, how they appear to visitors, and get a sense for the entire product from infographic to supporting copy.


Our teams are well experienced in the process of outreach and have developed a strong network amongst bloggers, influencers, and authoritative voices within various industries. As such, your content will only feature within authentic channels, which have been contacted and approved by our teams.

Brand Boost

As mentioned, visual content and digital assets help people’s perception of your brand, as one that cares about its content. By featuring visual content on your website and having this featured across other sources too, your credibility, validity, and recognition will all receive a welcome boost.


Proving yourself as an authoritative, knowledgeable source with infographic distribution will divert traffic to your website, from within your target audience. The more quality voices and sources share your infographic, the more your audience will see your expertise in action, driving them to you as potential customers.

Improve Links

As Google ranks different links accordingly, expanding your portfolio of links will help Google to identify your brand’s authority and boost your SERP positioning amongst competitors within your niche/market.