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If a picture says a thousand words, how much could a video say?

As we progress further into a digitally rooted world, videos may have the upper hand in the battle for brilliant content. This is because of their ability to condense wordy content into visually dynamic ways to digest information. 

 As social media continues to play a pivotal role in digital marketing, video content is quite literally, the one to watch. 

Easily shareable, digestible, and engaging; it ticks all the boxes.

 At LinkMill our teams of in-house creatives are experts at content creation, whatever the type. Our Animation and Video services bring your written content to life in dynamic, vibrant and, informative reels. Copywriters transform static copy into a script while our visual creatives work on animation and video elements. 


So, Why Video? 


The answer is easy; Accessibility, ease and, engagement. 

Converting your content into video formats opens up your reach to a wider audience, increasing accessibility to your services, products and, knowledge base. Video and animation improve the versatility of your content, allowing you to take advantage of other platforms and channels. Creating and distributing high-quality content in a number of formats means you’re reaching your audience, wherever they may be and whatever their preferences and habits. 

Blog to Script

Once you have submitted your order, the LinkMill team transforms your blog content into a dynamic script, preserving all the key details for your audience.


Our in-house team will then assign this blog to one of our creatives. The script will be transformed into a voice-over recording. When submitting your brief you will have a choice of voices, regional accents (UK/US), helping you make the perfect video for your audience!

Video & Animation

Our team of visual creatives will then create a bespoke animation accompanying your script. As with all of our bespoke creative services, this is created with careful consideration of your branding and colour palette. Allowing for seamless integration within your current content, website and, social channels.


Once our creative teams have completed your project, you can view it using your LinkMill account. 


We handle everything from submission to delivery, letting you maximize your time. Simply provide us with the content or URLs and we’ll work our magic.

Branding & Personality

You’ve spent time building your brand, that’s why we take care to include it in every project. Videos and animations are created with your unique branding at their core, making them ideal for use across websites and social media channels.

Expand Reach

Expose your audience to high-quality content across new platforms and channels. Use your knowledge and expertise to expand your audience in ways that appeal to their habits and preferences.